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Famous Sculpture

India is the land of creativity and innovations. Since ancient age, Sculptures, Paintings, and Dolls have got a special place and recommendation in History. This tradition has been further carrying forwarded by various artists. Among them, The Indian Sculpture and Art Company has been one of the renowned names in India and in overseas who has proudly made India famous for through their work. Starting from World Peace Foundation, Korea to Civic Centre Municipal Cooperation of Delhi Headquarters their statues, sculptures, painting, and artwork has spread all over. Be it an airport, five-star hotel & restaurants, park, or any government office, you can find their artistic creations everywhere.

Contribution of The Indian Sculpture and Art Company in the field of Artistry

The Indian Sculpture and Art Company has been the flag bearer for innovation, aesthetics in the field of sculpture. The Indian Sculpture and Art Company are the market leaders. Their elegance and artistic taste have created a masterpiece all over the globe. Indian Sculpture making technique has got redefined by them. From vintage to contemporary styles and various other global art trends are applied to reform the sculpture making techniques. All the sculpture creations are carved and inspired by a variety of global concepts. The Indian Sculpture and Art Company provides a holistic solution for interiors for all your home and business needs.

People behind Indian Sculpture and Art Company

If we talk about creativity, modernism, ethnicity and authentic work, then The Indian Sculpture and Art Company is the trustable name in the market. The two brothers Vivek K Aggarwal and Vikas Gupta are the leaders in the creative market. Mr. Vivek the Creative Head whose ideas and artistic mindset creates unique fine art which is further supported and promoted by Mr. Vikas the Technical Head. Currently, these two young entrepreneurs are conquering the creative market and are planning to expand it globally.

Each of their handcrafted sculptures is of niche finish and elegance. The foundry of The Indian Sculpture and Art Company is quite big and has a huge capacity of 5000 kg metal capacity on per day basis. They have the best team of artists who work on various projects. The Indian Sculpture and Art Company have completed many prestigious projects in various parts of the country.

If you are looking for famous sculpture makers in India then The Indian Sculpture and Art Company is the only name that provides you the best art forms both vintage and contemporary! They have worked on various famous Government and Primate Projects on PAN India basis. For customized artworks, The Indian Sculpture and Art Company is the best solution provider. Their appreciated work consists of world famous sculpture, wall art, modern art sculpture, contemporary art and customized artwork. They have an expert team for interior design program and installation.

What are the forte of Indian Sculpture and Art Company

The Indian Sculpture and Art Company have opened the 'International School of Sculpture and Art' in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India for all art lovers who want to learn sculpture making. Their sculpture making includes various materials and metals such as brass, copper, resin, stone, fiber, aluminum, bronze, wax, glass, steel, wood, stone, Marble, Cast Iron, Sandstone, Cast Marble, Steel, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Aluminium and Fiberglass resin, plastics, ceramic, fiber, glass and natural materials etc. They are best at Mural Art, Relief Art, Wall Sculpture and Wall Art.

Notable Projects and Installation within India

Famous Sculptures at IGI Airport, New Delhi and Aerocity

The Indian Sculpture and Art Company have delivered some famous sculpture and artwork for Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. They have created and installed the famous Elephant Sculpture at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Again at IGI Airport at Gate number 27 domestic departure sections there is a mesmerizing wall artwork of 16X 40 feet that will capture your eyes. At Terminal 3 of IGI Airport, at gate number 19 in the departure section, you can find a Warli Artwork made with MDF engraving along with stainless steel embossing of height 14 X 28 feet. Again at Domestic Airport arrival section in Terminal 1 the Indian Sculpture and Art Company have traditional Warli Art stretching back to 2500 or 3000 BC. Another famous wall sculpture at IGI Airport, at gate no 28 of 16 X20 feet is the Mysore Royal Procession. They have also prepared a barricade for Surya Namaskar sculpture at T3 Domestic Airport, New Delhi. They have provided customized artwork at multiple five-star hotels in Aerocity, New Delhi.

Famous Sculpture and Artwork in ITC Maurya

The Indian Sculpture and Art Company have notable famous sculpture work in ITC Maurya which is really worthy and appraisable. The Elephant Sculpture made out of one piece of Vietnam white marble. The Peacock Sculpture made out of Resin/ FRP along with MS Frames installed at main lobby is the center of attraction. Another notable work for ITC, the Fa├žade Emblem for ITC Hotel Grand Bharat, Gurgaon has been accomplished by them. The Indian Sculpture and Art Company have provided some artistic FRB planter of 42-inch height with customized artwork and great finish. The candle stands, Pot and Elephant made up of German silver are attention grabbers for all visitors.

Famous Sculpture Work in Abroad

The Indian Sculpture and Art Company has their notable famous sculpture even abroad. The famous sculpture of Indian King on elephant made of Bronze metal is made, transported and installed in Central London, UK. They have also transported Resin statue at the USA. The Indian Sculpture Art company has created a notable monument for World Peace Foundation in South Korea.

Famous Sculptures at Government Offices PAN India

The huge 4 Taurus famous sculpture at Indian Army Headquarters in New Delhi has grabbed the attention of Government officials and visitors. They have also prepared colonial style interior work for Indian Army. The famous sculpture made by The Indian Sculpture and Art Company of 20 feet high Bronze statue of Freedom fighter Shahid Bhagat Singh at Kurukshetra Haryana. The Indian Sculpture and Art Company has worked for many prestigious government projects. They have made and installed 30 feet high bronze statue of King Pandu for Bihar Government at Rajgir Bihar. They have also worked for Orissa Government and supplied some famous sculptures starting from 3 feet to 18 feet. The famous statue of Tulsi Das has been made and installed by The Indian Sculpture and Art on behalf of Municipal Corporation of Delhi at Tulsi Chawk. The famous statue of Shyama Prasad Mookherjee at Civic Centre Municipal Corporation of Delhi has been made by them.

Famous Sculptures and Artwork at Various Private places PAN India

The Indian Sculpture and Art Company has crafted a famous statue of Jesus Christ made out of Brass for Central Church, Kerela and the sculpture are of 150 feet. The Indian Sculpture and Art Company have also worked for brand Hero. The famous sculpture of Mr. OP Munjal founder of Hero group made of Bronze with natural Patina. They have also made the Hero bicycle sculpture made of bronze with Natural Patina finish for Hero. They have also done some notable sculpture work representing the royalty of Indore, for Day College Indore. The Indian Sculpture and Art Company has also completed prestigious modern art made up of fiberglass resin and install at sector 45, Noida. The Indian Sculpture and Art Company currently exports metal handicrafts to 22 countries around the world. The Indian Sculpture and Art Company have completed a prestigious project for Hemis Ladakh which was a mesmerizing throne with sculpture work on it for the Buddhist monastery. They have also provided different contemporary sculpture customized for Ladakh. The famous artwork for Kidzania Noida is extremely popular amongst visitors. The famous sculpture of Bull at Navi Mumbai is made up of Resin and MS Frames. The bronze statue of height 15 feet is made and erected at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand.

Visit Indian Sculpture Foundry to have a view of famous sculpture making process

If you want to see more such notable works you need to visit Indian Sculpture Foundry. The Cannon made in Bronze with the natural green patina finish. The Mural Art/ Relief Art made out of Bronze with the natural green patina finish and various other Bronze Art/ Relief Art at Indian Sculpture Foundry is really notable. At Shaheed Chowk, Vidya Nagar of Gujarat, all the famous statues you will find are made up of Bronze and from Indian Sculpture Foundry.