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We at Indian Sculpture and Art Company dealing with statue manufacturing and creates very unique and antique statues which are made of different material like Bronze Metal, Brass Metal, Cooper Metal, Aluminium Metal and Resin Fibber. Statue manufacturing is the branch of visual art which is operated in 3 dimensions. We create statues of very distinctive look and that attracts everyone. The statue manufacturing process start with a sketch from which statue manufacture makes clay for the original statue an so on.At Indian Sculpture and Art Company the statue maker put their efforts to design the best statues. There are number of things that statue maker add to their work like design of statues, which material should be used, what kind of design is required. These kinds of skills and techniques helps a statue maker to create a best statue. Statues of different kinds and with attractiveness makes the place more interesting where statues are installed. We create statues for different purposes like to elaborate historical events in museums, beautiful designs for a special place, and statues for religious purpose. So these kinds of structures gives very elegant look and convert an ordinary place to a very specific and beautiful place. We also manufacture and export items of different kinds of material and structures like Bronze Statues, Human Statues, Animal Statues, and Resin Statues.

resin statue artist

Resin Statue

Our work install at International Airport New Delhi departure Gate No. 28. Most popular Mural Art work in India.

bronze statue artist

Bronze Statue

Our work Install at International Airport New Delhi. Most Popular Sculpture in India.

brass statue artist

Brass Statue

Our Popular Brass Statue.

fiber statue artist

Fiber Statue

Our Fiber Statue.

metal statue artist

Metal Statue

Metal Statue is attractive and realistic in appearance.

aluminium statue artist

Aluminium Statue

Aluminium Statue is attractive and realistic in appearance.